Vadagar Arrival

So they drag themselves out of the forest and into the hills south of Vadagar. It’s pretty barren, and getting a bit cold. It’s two days from there to Vadagar. After the first day, a DC 26 spot check will notice that they’re being followed. Following that, the next day a group of Mogrhen bandits lead by the warlock will accost them and ask what they’re carrying. If they answer truthfully, they’ll be attacked, but they can bluff + intimadate their way out if they’re scary and don’t have reagents. If they fight, the warlock will call a yield if they’re clearly losing, and will retreat if pursued.

After that they can get to Vadagar without any more interruptions. It’s a pretty big city, impressive, but no walls around most of it. The inner city has walls, from before the Moghren conquered it. Celeris needs to get into the inner city to really get the best price, but the guards there won’t let in just anyone. You gotta grease the palms a little.

Celeris will step out to find a buyer she’s been told to look for, known as Voat. She’ll take Lain and let the rest of the group do town things. Sets up a meeting with Voat, then goes to research price dynamics so she can get a fair price. Meeting with Voat that night.

Voat has a little building to himself. He sits with his feet up on a desk, wearing the Moghren dark-goggles (even though its night) and leathers, chewing on a root. Beside him is a big Moghren woman with MORTCHULLIES tatooed on her arm (DC 19 religion or 21 the planes or 26 history to know this is a prominent spirit above). She looks bored. DC 25 spot there are several more people here hanging out behind the curtains.

Voat – Agrees to the asking price no questions asked. Counts it out right there and tosses plonks down the bag. Asks to see the goods. Checks out, he snaps his fingers and the others step out, Geyne pulls out a longsword.

Cue Leire’s hiring.

Vadagar Arrival

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